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Animal Encounters at Salt Springs, Campground FL

I would have never thought that camping could be surprisingly fun when you let loose and let go of reality for at least a couple of days.

We spent three nights at Salt Springs Campground in Ocala National Forest Florida, and we had a good time, however, not our favorite campground though. The sites are not that private, but it gives you the opportunity to meet other campers AND friendly critters that's for sure! We were visited by our Guardians of the Galaxy friend Rocket, that dropped by during the whole time we were at our campsite seeking for delicious treats😂! We kept telling him that he couldn't eat with us, but it kept on insisting in coming around until he gave up. (You can see a cameo of Rocket in the video below).

Then to our surprise, we bumped into the cutest little kinkajou that was wrapped around its owner's hand. It was the most beautiful animal I've seen up close!

The kinkajou was enjoying the attention and the natural beauty of Salt Springs too.

We continued exploring around until it was time to go back to our campsite to eat, shower and get ready for bed. Before we went to bed, I had asked my husband to go with me to get potable water so we wouldn't have to go in the morning. It was pitch black, so we took our lanterns and I of course, the scary cat that I am, took my bear whistle, cause you never know what you can come across along the way!

We got our bucket of water and walked back to our campsite and when we were close enough, we heard a loud animal noise that came from the woods in front of our campsite that we couldn't identify. My husband stopped immediately and asked me if I had heard the sound and I said yes, (inside of me I was scared to the bone)! So we both at the same time walked quickly back to our tent and the loud noise got closer and I couldn't help myself and screamed my lungs out and my husband ran like crazy and tripped trying to get into the tent, then both of us started laughing and a lady that was passing by heard our commotion and said. " Oh, don't worry that's a Hoot Owl", and I asked, a" Hoot what"? And she repeated, "A hoot owl". "They are fine, don't be afraid". "Just be on the lookout for a bear and her cubs that have been spotted walking near the campsite. And when she said that, we thanked her for letting us know and we immediately zipped ourselves into our tent 😂!

Needless to say, we were a bit startled, however, we enjoyed the experience, because it became part of our camping adventure!

The videos below, capture our experience at Salt Springs along with our animal encounters. I've also included a short video of the sound of the hoot owl we heard that night, but try to listen carefully. It's a very eerie sound.

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