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Decor Ideas for the Holidays

I'm one that loves to travel and spend the holidays at a different location each year, if possible.

If you're like me, you've come to the conclusion, that it's too much work to put up a Christmas tree and holiday decor if you're traveling, right? Well, there are other options and ideas that I discovered, I'd like to share that will make your holiday decor set-up quick and easy.

Do you prefer to have a smaller and simpler version of a Christmas tree? Like a tabletop one or an expandable tree that has all the glitz and glitter, like this one on Amazon? I purchased a wood tabletop tree at Ross that I have used for two years in a row and I love it! It has fairy lights and a star ornament on top.

I also set-up a little Christmas town on the bottom of the tree to give it a wintery feel.

I prepared another corner of my house with a Christmas globe and lights along with other simple lights and holiday decor around the house which was easy to put up and will be easy to put away once the holidays are over.

I hope you like these ideas that you can do for your next holiday season, if you plan to travel, but still want to feel the holiday cheer in your home.

Enjoy the holiday season!

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