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Guess What We Did?!

We recently picked up our camper from Tiny Camper Company. A company located in Groveland, Florida. The process of our build was seamless and the company owner Joe and his team were great!

These campers have become more and more popular amongst travelers, even more so since the pandemic started last year.

We decided to invest in one, because we have been doing quite a bit of camping and we were ready to take the first baby step and upgrade to a camper that we could afford.

Tiny Camper Companybecause the price was within our budget and it was the right size, design for us and it included an AC unit!

So we went for it. We placed our order and waited 5 months until the build was finished and ready for us to pick-up.

Once we had our new addition to the family, we started adding to our camper to make it our own. It's still in the works, but we are half way there. The inside decor is almost complete and we are going to start organizing the kitchen galley.

We are hoping to have it ready for our next camping trip in November.

I hope you enjoy the images and videos of our tiny camper. If you have any questions regarding the Tiny Camper, feel free to send me a message.

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