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How to Prepare for Your Future Travels

On my FB video, I offer tips and suggestions on how to prepare for your future travels while homebound during the pandemic. I also offer in detail how I planned my vacation to Italy on a budget. I've also included the links below of a few travel companies that I used to plan and book my trip that were pretty affordable for flights, hotels and tours, however, I strongly encourage you to always compare prices with other travel sites before committing to anything.

I've created an affiliate store on Amazon to share with you most of the items I have purchased myself that I consider are great for traveling including laundry sheets that are easy to use to clean your clothing while traveling.

More to come on tips of what to pack and how to pack for various lengths of stay. So stay tuned. Feel free to join my FB VIP page, Timeless Passport VIPs by Omi. Click on the links below:

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the sites below

FB LIVE/Replay - Italy

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