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Italy Travel Tips

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Italy, in my opinion is one of the most telling places in the world!

It is filled with history, breathtaking sceneries and delicious selections of food and wine.

Before the COVID-19 Pandemic decided to take over the world (end of 2019 and all of 2020), my husband and I had the most amazing opportunity to celebrate our wedding anniversary and all of our 2019 holidays in one trip... ITALY!

It took alot of research and planning and the end result was the most alluring and mesmerizing trip ever that we will always reminisce with a smile on our faces! We took many pictures and of course a lot of ¨selfies¨ that we shared on our social media.

I posted most of our trip on my social media, because I wanted to virtually take my family and friends as well to the most dreamy places you could ever imagine in Italy! I received many comments from friends and family about my trip. Many enjoyed the virtual trip and many others reached out to me asking questions about how I planned my trip, how much I spent, what places to visit in Italy etc.

So... guess what? I am sharing with you the itinerary that I put together for a 13 day trip to Italy which also included a one night stay in Holland Amsterdam, yeap Amsterdam too! We visited and stayed in Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples and Florence. See below for the Italy Itinerary. If you'd like more information about planning your trip to Italy, feel free to join my Facebook page TIMELESS PASSPORT.

Download PDF • 94KB

I hope you find the itinerary helpful. Just a small disclaimer, most of the travel companies used for my vacation did not sponsor me. All expenses were out of pocket by us. More details to come on how to pack for short and long trips.

Enjoy the short videos and a few pictures below of the Tower of Pisa in Livorno, riding a gondola in Venice, Mount Vesuvius in Naples and i

conic places in Rome.

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