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Let the Camping Adventures Begin!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Camping? Who? Me? Nah... Not for me. Give me a hotel room, with air conditioning, a bathroom and a nice cozy bed. Well...I have to say that the 2019-2020 pandemic has opened a sense of curiosity in me that I never thought I had about camping. Why not look into it? Think about it, you're physically distanced from others, your in your own space and you are outside.

I also realized that until the pandemic slows down and eventually disappears, it will take a while until my family and I can travel again to visit other countries. In the meantime, I decided to give myself the opportunity to try camping.

So, I started doing my research, using social media as my encyclopedia. I gathered all the information I could, places to camp at in Florida, and gear needed for camping.

Once I had all my ducks in a row, it was time to present the idea to my hubby. Believe me it wasn't easy, because he knew how I felt about camping. I think I pleaded my case pretty convincingly, because he bought into the idea and "BOOM!" We planned our first camping adventure.

In January, we camped for the very first time at Alexander Springs in the Ocala National Forest. We spent two nights to start small in case we didn't like the experience, and it turned out that we actually loved the experience of being out in nature, under the stars at night and surrounded by trees.

I think that the reason we enjoyed our first camping trip was because, I did an in depth research on the things that concerned me the most about camping in regards to accommodations and restroom privacy. I researched glamping hacks and used the ideas and tips that fitted best for us as a family.

I am sharing some photos of our camp set-up so you have an idea how it looked. There is also an image of Alexander Springs, which by the way is beautiful!

You can check for nice campsites in Florida at these two websites: and

We are preparing for another camping adventure February 19-21, but this time it's at a resort like campsite called KOA.

It'll be chilly in St. Augustine Beach, so we are preparing a bit more than last time from the chilly weather at night. Here is a diy that I found and will test in my next camping trip. This hack is also useful if your power goes out during winter, you can try this in a small space to keep warm.

The KOA campsite has water and electricity hookups at each individual site. The other two campsites are primitive sites.

On my next post, I'll be sharing my hacks and camping gear I've purchased that have made our camping experience fun and comfortable.

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