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Maiden Voyage on our Squaredrop!

We've had our Squaredrop since August of this year (2021) and hadn't had the opportunity to break into it.

We definitely wanted to use it before our first out of state camping trip to Georgia.

I was finally able to make a last minute reservation at one of the Florida State Parks as they are always full and you have to make reservations a year in advance.

The campground I was fortunate enough to reserve was Hillsborough River State Park. I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful surroundings of this park. It has a mesmerizing running river that you can stare at for hours and lose yourself with it's trickling sound!

The walking trail to the river is great exercise and the other walking trails take you to enormous beautiful trees.

We stayed for two nights. I wish we had stayed for an extra night, because there were trails we didn't have time to walk through, but for sure this campground will be on my repeat list!

We paid $24 per night plus tax, which is really affordable. Each campsite has electric and water hookups which is a plus and the campground has clean bathrooms and showers.

I highly recommend that you visit this park if you either live in Florida or if you are just visiting the Sunshine State, you can also just go for a day visit.

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