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Moms Only Weekend!

Since the pandemic, I haven't felt comfortable staying at hotels or resorts, however, since the Covid-19 vaccine has been out and I've been vaccinated, I've been feeling a bit more comfortable going out to public places, restaurants and retail shops.

I wanted to venture a bit more and asked my sister to join me for a wonderful Mother's day weekend only her and I no kids and no hubbies! I didn't even have to twist her arm to convince her! She was in immediately!

So we started planning and first we decided to stay somewhere local and to our surprise we found a really nice resort and Spa at an affordable price. So we booked it and when we checked in, we were pleasantly surprised with the room we reserved.

The room was a mini suite. It had a kitchenette, stove top, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker and all the dishes too! The room was separate from the living room/ kitchenette. The room can easily fit up to six people.

The name of the resort is Star Island Resort & Club located in Kissimmee, Florida. We stayed for two nights. Each day we did something different. We treated ourselves to a spa day, lunch and dinner and we toured around the Disney area.

Linked below are my replay videos from my IG account @timelesspassport of the resort and other places we went to that you may want to visit, if you are in Central Florida.

Grillers Puerto Rico

The Video is in Spanish, but really the visuals of the restaurant says it all.

Tour of the Star Island Resort & Club Amenities near the pool area.

Tour of the room we reserved at Star Island Resort & Club

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Frontera Cocina Mexican Restaurant at Disney Springs

Tour on Disney's Skyliner near Disney Springs

Feel free to follow me on IG @timelesspassport and on my FB account under the timelesspassport and timelesspassport VIPs by Omi.

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