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One of My Best Companions

Eventhough this post is not about traveling, or camping and such; I decided to write about Zelda, my cute doggie.

She has been my fellow companion since being furloughed last year. We got into a routine where I would drop off my daughter at school, would come back home and, Zelda would be waiting for me at the door with this look in her eyes, saying well it's you and me girl, so let's chill!

I would chill with her for a bit, but then, I'd get to work, doing chores around the house and other projects. She got tired of following me around the house, so she got use to seeing my routine and would let me do my thing until she'd see me take a break, then she would come over and cuddle with me. I love Zelda's cuddles. It brings me so much joy!

Animals are very special beings who will always offer unconditional love. Feel free to share your stories of your pets.

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