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Puerto Rico! A Destination To Visit!

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

I recently returned from a six night trip in Puerto Rico, even though my main reason was to visit my mother's tomb and place her plaque with her name to honor her one year anniversary since her passing, I decided to take advantage of my trip and visit a few of my high school friends and tour around the Island.

Even though I know how to get around the Island, there are many beautiful locations in Puerto Rico that I have never visited before, that I wanted to go to and wanted to share with you. I created an itinerary for myself which I shared with my friend that accompanied me during my stay on the Island. This is one suggestion that I always recommend you do, an itinerary of your trip. It gives you an outline of what you will be doing during your trip. Just remember to be flexible in any case that your plans change due to any unforseen situation. It's always good to have a back-up plan.

I went to really nice places like the Caverns of Camuy, Vaca Negra, Playa Puerto Nuevo, Lote 23 and the town of Lares. The town of Lares has a very well known ice cream parlor called Heladeria Lares known as the oldest ice cream shop in Puerto Rico. They serve up to 50 flavors daily and is a very family friendly place! I have gone in the past, but this time we didn't have the opportunity to go. If you are ever in PR, Make sure to visit this ice cream shop for a delicious and unique scoop of ice cream. There are many other places to visit in Puerto Rico that I did not get the opportunity to visit for the first time or re-visit. I will list some of these locations down below, including some places from my hometown Ciales, Puerto Rico:

- Paseo Lineal Juan Antonio Correjer

- El Museo Cafe Don Peyo

- Toro Verde Adventure Park

- Toro Negro State Park

- Location to Stay in Ciales, PR VRBO

The Guesthouse I stayed in was quiant, cozy and fitted my needs. The Host by the name of Joanne is very nice and welcoming and had the Guesthouse very clean and ready for my check-in. I will surely stay again when I go back to visit my home town Ciales. I highly recommend her Guesthouse.

Feel free to view the pictures and videos of my visit to Puerto Rico. Please contact me for any questions you may have.

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Enjoy the videos:

Recap of PR Trip on FB

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