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Rained Out While Camping!

Part of camping is to have no expectations. Why? Because anything can happen! This past weekend we did another two night camping trip, but this time at a resort-like camp site known as KOA. They are one of the biggest resort-like campsite companies in the US and also in Canada.

We decided to try a KOA this time because we knew that we were going to be doing more sightseeing at St. Augustine than just hang out at the campsite. For starters, this type of campsite is totally different than your primitive campsites.

The spaces are much smaller and your camping neighbors can say good morning to you literally 6 feet apart lol! I just had to add this gif!

We already knew that our experience at KOA was going to be a bit different, so we went with no expectations. The day we arrived it was raining and it was expected to rain all day, but the rain hit even harder exactly when we arrived to St. Augustine. We checked in, got assigned to our campsite, and waited in the car until the rain ceased for a bit and right when we were in the middle of setting up our car tent, rain poured like crazy! We knew that there were prying eyes watching our little adventure, but it's ok, it's all part of having fun and enjoying the moment, right?

We knew that our neighbors were watching, because the next day we met a nice southern lady that told us that her brother-in was watching us put up our tent and didn't know how we would make it through the night, but to his surprise, we did.

So we finally set-up our tent and when we were just getting cozy and comfy in our tent, the rain started again, and this time with some wind! Water started dripping inside, because of the wind and the floor got wet a little, but we were able to manage the situation. Once the rain decided to stop, we got cozy again, watched some TV, ate some snacks, played with our doggie Zelda, and went to bed, because it got colder in the evening (low 40's) not usual Floridian weather.

All in all, we had a nice time. We went to the lighthouse, Anastasia Beach State Park and downtown St. Augustine. If you are ever visiting Florida and have extra time, I highly recommend you visit St. Augustine. It's a cute little town with a lot of history.

If you have any inquiries about any of the places I have visited, please feel free to contact me.

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