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Shapermint Shapewear means Comfort

That's why when I discovered Shapermint three years ago and purchased my first shapwear garments, I was thrilled and didn't know why most women didn't know about this company.

I've been using my shapewear for three years now and still love it! They last long too! I finally was able to purchase their bras, and O.M.G. it's like placing your girls in two fabulous comfy pods for a long relaxing trip!

You think I may be exagerrating, but I'm not. My Shapermint bras finally arrived and I immediately tried each one on and bullseye! A Perfect fit! Below I am sharing some good information, I encourage you to look into and also checkout the Shapermint website. Feel free to use my Shapermint code for a nice discount off of your purchase when checking out: OMAIRACREW20

Checkout my videos: The Shapermint Birthday Suit Campaign: Super comfortable shapewear garments by @Shapermint.

Checkout the campaign #shapermintbdaysuit and feel free to use my discount code for any of your purchases BIRTHDAYOMAIRA.

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If you like to travel comfortably, then you may want to consider checking out Shapermint!

If you love discounts, then look no further and use my discount code at checkout:


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Link to website:

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